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Any organisation (for profit/non-profit) that receives payments for goods or services offered through the EcoCash platform from subscribers who are account holders e.g. Edgars, ZB Life & ZOL.

A customer is required to have an account number with the Biller and they will need to enter this account number when making the payment. Each Biller is allocated a unique Biller Code.


To become an EcoCash Biller, download a Biller application form or visit your nearest Econet shop. Once the form is complete and you have met all the requirements, you can contact the EcoCash department for vetting and contracts.

For more information on ‘How to become a Biller’ email: or contact the customer help line on 114

How does a Biller withdraw their money from their Billing Account?
The Biller issues a written instruction to Econet to make a bank transfer to their bank account.


Registered Billers

There is a growing list of registered EcoCash Billers that receive payments through EcoCash. Live life the EcoCash way and pay via EcoCash. Click here to find out more about EcoCash Billers.


Biller Charges
Bands Tarriff
Lower Value ($) Upper Value ($) Bill Payment ($)
1.01 5 0.27
5.01 10 0.39
10.01 20 0.56
20.01 30 0.75
30.01 40 1.04
40.01 50 1.27
50.01 75 2.05
75.01 100 2.71
100.01 150 2.96
150.01 200 3.10
200.01 300 3.37
300.01 500 1.2%
500.01 1,000.00 1.2%
1000.01 3000 1.2%


Biller Information


Benefits of Bill Payment Function to Customers

  • Increased convenience, the customer can pay from any location in the country
  • Saves time
  • It eliminates the challenges of getting change

Benefits to the Biller

  • Boosts sales and improves customer satisfaction by allowing customers to choose their preferred form of payment.
  • It can increase the biller’s customer base
  • Increased security
  • Allows the biller to capitalize on all available payment methods
  • Avoids the risk and inconvenience of having large sums of cash
  • There are no service charges
  • Reduces queues at the Biller’s premises
  • May result in cost savings by reducing frontline headcount.