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EcoCash Savings Club

Ecocash Savings Club

Join a Secure and Convenient Savings Club

Form a savings club and start to earn interest on your pooled money with EcoCash Savings Club. Now, you can save money on your phone as a group, earn interest, and raise funds for any project you desire. EcoCash Savings Club is a safe, secure and transparent way to reach a financial goal sooner.

You can choose the people you want to save with in EcoCash Savings Club. To ensure transparency, each member receives a SMS notification of an any transaction that happens in the club account. In addition, every withdrawal has to be approved by the administration of your savings club, and to deposit money you need to cash in from an agent or from bank to wallet.


How to register or join a club

  1. Dial *151
  2. Enter EcoCash PIN
  3. Select "EcoCash Save"
  1. Select "EcoCash Savings Club"
  2. Select "Club Administration"
  3. Select "Create Club/Join Club"




  • Earn interest
  • Pool funds
  • Convenient, Safe & secure
  • Transparent & available to all