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What is the EcoCash Save Service?
What are the requirements to have an EcoCash Save Account?
As an Existing EcoCash Customer, how do you opt in/activate your line into the service?
Do I need a different PIN to access my EcoCash Save account?
How do you check your EcoCash Save account balance?
What are the charges on the service?
What is the minimum amount that you can hold in your EcoCash Save account (Minimum account balance)?
Can you send money to people who have an EcoCash Save Account, directly to their EcoCash Save account?
Can you access your EcoCash Save account through any Steward Bank branch?
What is the maximum you can transfer from EcoCash to EcoCash Save and vice versa?
Can you send money to your other accounts within Steward Bank directly from your EcoCash Save Account?
Will the EcoCash Save statements be available?
How do you save and withdraw money on the EcoCash Save account?
What is the minimum amount you can move from your EcoCash Save into your EcoCash wallet?
How many times can you send to bank (deposit) money from EcoCash into your EcoCash Save account?
What is the minimum amount that you can send to bank (deposit) as savings?
How many times can you withdraw money from your EcoCash Save account into your EcoCash account?
Will you be able to access your account outside Zimbabwe?
What happens if you lose your mobile phone and have an EcoCash Save account?
After a SIM swap, will your EcoCash line pick the EcoCash Save account you had on a previous line or do you have to opt-in again?
What benefits do you get when you save your money on the EcoCash Save service?
What are the key advantages of EcoCash Save service?


What is EcoCash Loan?
What is Kashagi?
What do I need to qualify for a Kashagi loan?
Are there limits when it comes to loan application?
What is the intrest rate for a Kashagi loan?
What is the admin fee for loan processing?
What is the loan repayment period?
Can I check my loan limit before requesting?
Can I apply my loan in parts or its all at once?
How many times can I apply for a loan in a month.
Can I get a Kashagi loan statement?
How do I apply for an EcoCash Loan?
Who qualifies for an EcoCash Loan
How much money can I apply for?
What is the vetting criteria for an EcoCash loan based on?
How do I access the loan once my application is approved?
What is the loan repayment period?
What is the interest rate on a loan?
What happens if I fail to repay the loan within 30 days?
When does the 30-day repayment period begin?
How do I repay the loan?
How long is the EcoCash loan approval process?
What security or collateral is required for a customer to access a loan?
Can I apply for more than one loan?
How long do I have to wait to re-apply if my loan application is declined?
How long should I have saved with EcoCashSave to qualify for a loan?
Can I repay the loan in installments/part payments?
If I have a credit balance and apply for a loan and get approved, what will my account balance be?