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Transacting on EcoCash

Transact on EcoCash with ease! Make payments, pay for goods and services and more via EcoCash. Dial *151# or use the EcoCash app or use the EcoCash Express Debit Card across Zimbabwe. Click here to find out more about transacting on EcoCash.



Pay via EcoCash at EcoCash merchants across the country or swipe at a POS machine with your EcoCash Express Debit Card. Click here to find an EcoCash merchant.


Getting Started

  • To transact on EcoCash you need to be registered. If you are already an Econet customer, visit any EcoCash authorized agent to complete and sign an application form.
  • If you are not an Econet subscriber, you will have to purchase an Econet line and register at any authorized EcoCash agent.
  • Registration takes about 3 minutes and you should take your cellphone and a photocopy of your ID plus the original.
  • You cannot open an account on behalf of someone else.


How to Transact

How do I register?
Cash-In: How do I cash-in (load money) into my EcoCash account?
Airtime: How do I purchase airtime or data bundles using my EcoCash account?
Merchant Payment: How do I buy goods/services using my EcoCash account?
Cash-Out: How do I cash-out (withdraw money) from my EcoCash account?
Send Money: How do I send money (transfer cash) using my EcoCash account?
Balance Enquiry: How do I confirm how much money I have left in my EcoCash account?
Account Statement: How do I get the account history for my EcoCash account using my mobile phone?
Change PIN: How do I change my PIN?
Pay Bill: How do I pay a bill using EcoCash?
Wallet to Bank: How do I transfer funds from my EcoCash wallet to my bank account?
Bank to Wallet: How do I transfer funds from my bank account to my EcoCash wallet?
Last 3 Transactions: How do I confirm the EcoCash transactions I have been making using the banking service?
Balance Check: How do I confirm my bank balance via the EcoCash service?
What is a PIN?


Transacting on EcoCash