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EcoCash Junior Wallet FAQ's



Q1: What is an EcoCash Junior wallet?

The EcoCash Junior Wallet is an exciting innovation from EcoCash that enables children between the age of 9 and 18 to have their own EcoCash wallets. This Junior Wallet enables a child to transact with the supervision of their parent as it is associated to the parent's EcoCash wallet.

Q2: How do you register an EcoCash Junior Wallet?

EcoCash Junior wallet is registered by dialling *151# or *153# enter EcoCash PIN and select option 5 Junior Wallet. Alternatively you can log on to the EcoCash WEB self- service portal on where you register your account and log in and follow the EcoCash Junior wallet registration process.

Q3: What is the age range for children who should be registered on EcoCash Junior wallet?

The age range for the EcoCash Junior wallet registration is between 9-18 years

Q4: Who is considered as a parent?

A parent is a biological parent as registered on the child's birth certificate or it can be a legal guardian who is over 25 years old with documentation proving the child's guardianship.

Q5: How many parents can be associated to one Junior wallet?

Unfortunately, at the present moment only 1 parent may be associated to an EcoCash Junior wallet.

Q6: How many Junior wallets can be linked to one parent?

A parent or legal guardian can register only 4 Junior wallets at the moment.

Q7: Who has full control over the Junior wallet ?

The only person who has full control over the EcoCash Junior wallet is the parent or legal guardian.

Q8 Is the mobile application available yet for Junior wallet?

Unfortunately, the mobile application is not yet available for the EcoCash Junior wallet but it is work in progress and should be available soon.

Q9 What services are available on EcoCash Junior wallet?

The EcoCash Junior wallet has exciting services such as send money, make payment, access wallet services and purchase airtime. As a parent you are able to withdraw money from child, Send money to child, check balance and download a mini statement.

Q10 How do you fund a Junior wallet?

At the moment only the linked parent can fund the Junior wallet through sending money

Q11 Does a Junior wallet have an EcoCash FCA wallet?

Yes, the junior wallet has an FCA wallet that is created automatically upon registration as with every EcoCash account.

Q12 Are banking services available on Junior wallet?

At the present moment banking services are not yet available on the EcoCash Junior wallet.

Q13 In the event of account churn(Junior wallet), who gets the settlement?

When an account is churned or deleted from the EcoCash platform the funds are settled or credited into the parent's EcoCash account.

Q14: What are the limits for the EcoCash Junior wallet?


  1. Send money limit per transaction is ZWL15,000 and monthly limit is ZWL100,000.
  2. Merchant payment-limit per transaction is ZWL30,000 and monthly ZWL130,000
  3. Junior FCA account limits per transaction for send money and merchant payment are USD 175 and monthly USD700.

Q15: Can a child register for other services such as EcoSure?

Unfortunately, the child is unable to register for any other services except transact on EcoCash.

Q16: How does one submit forms after registering a child on the EcoCash Junior wallet?

Customer will receive an SMS with link that is used to upload their child's documents. If for any reason they fail to access the link the parent can contact customer services for the link to be resent to them. 

Q17: What is the process of handling customers who are failing to register Junior wallets on a previously churned account?

Issue is logged on Manage Engine to the IS technical team for resolution, once resolved customer is able to register their child. TATs will be communicated.

Q18: Can you change the parent that registered the Junior wallet?

Yes it is possible to do so, you simply requests to disassociate the EcoCash Junior wallet from the account it registered on to your account through our EcoCash Contact Centre, Econet shop or Social Media pages. Once this is done, the other parent or guardian can register the child.

Q19: Since we are linked does my child use my PIN to access their account?

No, your child will have their own PIN that is used to access their Junior Wallet.

Q20: What happens if my child blocks their PIN?

If your child blocks their PIN as a parent or legal guardian you can engage us through any of the Support channels listed below. Your child can also contact us and we will ask them the usual security questions before unbarring the PIN.

Q21: If my child is overspending can I block their account?

Unfortunately, you are not able to block the account, however you can withdraw funds from their EcoCash account at any given time.

Q22: Do I have visibility of where my child spends money?

Absolutely! As a parent you have visibility of how your child is transacting on EcoCash. You are able to check their mini statement which records the last 5 transaction and also have the option to check their balance. Detailed statements will also be available on Thembie

Q23: What happens if a child sends money to the wrong recipient?

There are self service option available on *150# and Thembie the chatbot. Alternatively the child can contact us on and if the support numbers listed below.

Q24: What are the customer care numbers?

  • Thembie Chatbot - 0777222150
  • SMS Helpline - 0771222114
  • Facebook - EcoCash Zimbabwe
  • Twitter - @EcoCashZW
  • Instagram - EcoCash_Zimbabwe

Click here register for the EcoCash Junior Wallet

Dial *151# or *153# to register your child today.

EcoCash Junior Wallet FAQ's