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EcoCash is now available to our loved ones in South Africa!

Zimbabweans in South Africa can now send money home to Zimbabwe the EcoCash way. It is sim-ple, secure and instant. There has never been a remittance service like this! Econet Wireless South Africa customers can now register for a personal EcoCash account on their Call Home SIM and start Living Life the EcoCash way!

Now, Zimbabweans in South Africa can send money home, buy Econet airtime, pay billers such as DSTV and City Council and pay school fees directly for loved ones in Zimbabwe. If you are an EcoCash customer in Zimbabwe, you can now receive money from South Africa directly into your EcoCash wallet, anytime!



How to send money from South Africa to Zimbabwe

    If you do not have a Call Home SIM card, you can join over 800,000 customers of the Call Home family by purchasing a starter pack at Shoprite, Checkers or from the Flash to EcoCash registration agents. Enjoy the lowest calling rates to Zimbabwe; the lowest call rates in South Africa between Call Home customers and the best deal in Mzansi by far!
    a. Register your Call Home SIM for both EcoCash and a “Flash to EcoCash” remittance account.
    b. Bring your Call Home SIM and either your Zimbabwe passport or a Zimbabwe ID plus a form of South African ID.
    c. The registration for both services is done at the same time and takes about ten minutes.
    d. Once the registration is complete, you will receive an SMS onyour Call Home line ad-vising you that your EcoCash account is active and providing instructions on how to ac-cess it from your Call Home SIM. It works the same as in Zimbabwe but using a differ-ent network short code.
    a. Request a remittance quote from Mercantile Bank using a simple short code.
    b. The quote system asks you to enter the Rand amount you wish to remit and immediately generates and sends the quote via SMS advising the amount in dollars that you will receive in your EcoCash wallet, the applicable exchange rate, the remittance fee and a unique quote reference number.
    c. You can remit as little as R50 at a time, up to R3,000 per day and up to R10,000 per month.
  4. CASH-IN
    If you are happy with the quote, you can go to any one of the several participating Flash vendors (recognised by the lime green cow branding) and give the quote reference number to the Flash ven-dor. The vendor will key the reference number into their Flash terminal and ask you for the exact quoted Rand amount. When you have given the Agent the Rand and they have processed it on the system, you will instantly receive an SMS notifying you of a successful “cash-in” to your EcoCash wallet.
    You can now securely login to your EcoCash wallet and enjoy all the EcoCash services as EcoCash customers in Zimbabwe - with one important difference; if you wish to send cash to an EcoCash customer in Zimbabwe from your Call Home line, the transaction is FREE!


What EcoCash subscribers in South Africa can do:

  • Deposit money/Cash-In
  • Transfer (send) money to registered EcoCash customers in Zimbabwe for FREE
  • Buy Econet prepaid airtime for Econet subscribers in Zimbabwe for FREE
  • Pay bills in Zimbabwe at no additional charges (normal EcoCash pay bill charges apply)
  • Pay merchants for goods and services in Zimbabwe at no additional charges (normal Eco-Cash pay merchant charges apply)



Once money is credited into your wallet,you will receive immediate confirmation. When the money is in your EcoCash you can:

  • Pay bills
  • Pay merchant
  • Send money
  • Cash out


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How do I buy goods using my EcoCash account?
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Where do I get more information
Where do I get more information

For more information you can:



  • No hassles
  • No delays
  • Instant
  • Secure
  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Receive money for free from South Africa!
  • Receive airtime for free from South Africa!
  • No additional pay-bill charges