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International Remittances


Enjoy a fast, convenient, and reliable way to send money around the world directly into an EcoCash wallet in Zimbabwe with EcoCash Diaspora via MoneyGram. Enjoy an affordable and trustworthy money transfer service today. Send money from the comfort of your home and receive money directly in your EcoCash wallet in Zimbabwe.

How to send


  1. Visit or opt to send money by visiting a nearby MoneyGram agent.
  2. Online, after visiting select "Send Online".
  3. Select the country you wish to send money to: Zimbabwe.
  4. Select "Receive Option": Pick up at any agent.
  5. Select "Receive currency": USD.
  6. Select a payment method.
  7. Then, returning users, (who already have a MoneyGram account) are prompted to enter their username to complete the transaction. First time users (who are new to MoneyGram) are prompted to sign up
  8. Give the recipient the MoneyGram transaction reference number to collect the money via EcoCash.



Directed Send Option
Receive money directly into your EcoCash Wallet. The convenience of receiving MoneyGram remittances directly into your EcoCash wallet eliminates the need for a reference number.

  1. Sender goes to any MoneyGram agent and provides Econet subscriber's mobile number and completes send transaction.
  2. EcoCash customer receives a message that funds have been credited to their EcoCash wallet.


Directed Receive Option
Sender completes the money transfer providing the receiver's name and phone number and then they notify the receiver and provide them with the MoneyGram transaction reference number. The recipient then does the following:

  1. Dial *151# to access the EcoCash Menu
  2. Select "EcoCash Diaspora"
  3. Select "MoneyGram" option
  4. Enter the MoneyGram transaction reference number
  5. Upon transaction authorisation, the receiver's EcoCash wallet is credited with the money


Once money is credited into recipient's wallets immediate confirmation is sent to the receiver. When the money is in you EcoCash you can:

  1. Dial *153#
  2. Enter PIN


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