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Do you have friends and family in Zambia that have been struggling to send money to you in Zimbabwe? Or loved ones looking for a more affordable way to send money to Zimbabwe?

Experience an instant, secure, and reliable direct money transfer service from Zambia to Zimbabwe with EcoCash Diaspora and MTN Zambia. Once received, you can cash out at over 25,000 EcoCash agents across Zimbabwe or pay bills, buy airtime, and more directly from your EcoCash wallet, anytime. Send and receive money from Zambia to Zimbabwe directly with EcoCash Diaspora via MTN Zambia today!



How to send money from Zambia to Zimbabwe

  1. Visit a MTN Zambia agent and register.
  2. Once registered as an MTN Zambia customer, initiate a money transfer request via USSD.
  3. Select an EcoCash registered Zimbabwe mobile number.
  4. Money is sent directly to your recipient’s EcoCash registered Zimbabwe mobile number.
  5. An SMS confirmation will be sent to both you and the recipient.



After a successful EcoCash Diaspora via MTN transfer
When a loved one has sent you money with EcoCash Diaspora and MTN Zambia, you will receive an SMS that funds have been credited directly into your EcoCash wallet in Zimbabwe. You will be able to enjoy all the EcoCash services including the following:

  • Pay bills
  • Send money
  • Cash out at over 25,000 EcoCash agents nationwide
  • Buy airtime
  • Shop with the EcoCash Express Debit Card


Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the advantages of using this service?



  • No hassles
  • No delays
  • Instant
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Receive money from Zambia
  • No additional pay-bill charges