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Chaka-Chaya neEcoCash! Ziyawa kuEcoCash Promotion! 2019

Chaka-Chaya neEcoCash! Ziyawa kuEcoCash Promotion! 2019

The winners have been announced! Please visit the winners page to see if you are a winner.

Chaka-Chaya neEcoCash!


Zimbabwe’s biggest promotion is back! Transact with EcoCash, earn points and stand a chance to win a brand new house and so much more! You can be one of over 150,000 winners! All you need to do to get in the running is transact with EcoCash.



Earn 1 point for every RTGS$20 you transact with EcoCash. For every 5 points you earn, you are automatically entered into the Chaka-Chaya draw.



Get 10 booster points every time you spend RTGS$10 on the following:

  • EcoCash Bundle
  • Banking Services
  • Remittances
  • EcoCash Debit Card



Transact at any of our partners and get in the running for additional prizes


Our Partners

NRG VAYA Ownai EcoSure Gain Chicken-Inn Pizza-Inn Creamy-Inn
Fish-Inn Haefelis Grab-Go"" Creamy-Inn


  • Dial *151*300#




Monthly Draw

  • Airtime
  • Cash
  • School Fees Vouchers


Monthly Grand Draw

  • Stands
  • Cows
  • Televisions
  • Goats
  • Generator


Bonus Draw

  • House
  • Afcon
  • Cape Town Cruise
  • Vic Falls Trip


Promotion runs from 1 May – 31 July 2019



  1. The customer must: TRANSACT & EARN POINTS to win in a draw for this promotion.
  2. A customer will need to have transacted in the following use cases: [Send Money, Cash Out, Airtime Purchase, Bill Payment, Merchant Payment, Received money from the Diaspora into EcoCash].
  3. Transactions that are eligible to earn points are in multiples of $5. Every $5 transaction earns you 1 point.
  4. Monthly draws to be conducted under the supervision of Deloite Auditors and the internal risk team.
  5. The draws will be conducted during the first week of the following month. e.g. Draws for the month of April will be held between the 5th and 12th of May 2018 targeting the first Saturday of that month
  6. All points earned during the course of the month will be accumulated and added to the following month until the end of the promotion period of 3 months after which they will be zerorized after the final draws.
  7. Customers can win every month for as long as they have earned their points for that particular month.
  8. All winners will be notified via messages and direct calls for the grand draw winners.
  9. Promotion mechanics will be communicated to all customers via press and social media and activations.
  10. All prizes will not be redeemable for cash.
  11. School Fees vouchers and grocery vouchers will be paid in the form of EcoCash value.
  12. All cash prizes will be in the form of e-value (EcoCash value) and as such will be paid into the winner’s Ecocash wallet.
  13. All live cows and meat prizes will be collected at designated abattoirs to be communicated to winners.
  14. All goat prizes (dead or alive) will be redeemed at designated abattoirs and or selling points to be advised. Customers in outlying areas will be paid the value of the goat in Ecocash value where the price has been set at $50.
  15. For cow prizes, a customer has an option to demand it as meat or a live beast. Should the customer choose to demand a live cow, they will incur all the expenses for transportation and licensing with all relevant authorities. 
  16. EcoCash staff, spouses, advertising agencies are not eligible for the promotion.
  17. EcoCash’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  18. EcoCash reserves the right to alter and/cancel the promotion at its discretion.
  19. EcoSure cover is only applicable for one month and the winner needs to be registered on EcoSure. Should they not be registered, they would need to register to benefit from the prize. If they do not register after the engagements by the EcoCash team, their prize will be forfeit.
  20. EcoCash Rand Wallet transactions are not applicable for this promotion.
  21. All uncollected prizes 30 days after the announcement of winners in the public papers will be forfeit.
  22. The top 10 transacting customers every month are guaranteed to get devices.
  23. All customers with 2,500 points and above are guaranteed to get $5,000 EcoSure Personal Accident Cover for one month. (Applicable to the first 35,000 top customers with values of $12,500 and above. 
  24. The minimum value to earn points for money received from the diaspora is $40. So every $40 received is equivalent to 1 point.
  25. Booster points can only be earned once a customer has acquired a minimum point balance of 5.