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Scan And Pay

Introducing EcoCash Scan and Pay, a smarter, better and faster way to pay! Make payments in just seconds! Simply scan, pay and go every time you see the Masterpass QR code in stores countrywide.


How to SCAN & pay

  1. Log on to EcoCash mobile app
  2. Select “Make payment” option, then “QR Pay”
  3. Scan QR code to make payment
  4. Enter amount to pay
  5. Enter EcoCash pin 
  6. Receive payment confirmation and your new wallet balance


Benefits of SCAN & pay

  • Simple: 3-step process 1. Open 2. Scan 3. Pay
  • Speed: Make payments in seconds 
  • Secure: It’s safer than carrying cash 
  • Instant: Get real-time confirmation of your transaction 


Download the EcoCash app on: 


EcoCash QR Scan & Pay for Merchants 

Are you a merchant? Find out how you can get paid faster and enjoy a convenient cash-like experience with all your transactions. 

Discover EcoCash QR Scan and Pay here.  


Can I Swipe into EcoCash with any bank card?
You can swipe with any ZimSwitch enabled card as long as you’re swiping on a Steward POS machine.
Is there a swiping limit?
You can swipe $2,000 per transaction. However, the number of swipes and limits depend on your bank’s terms and conditions.
Can I swipe into another person’s EcoCash account?
No, you can only swipe into your own EcoCash account.
Which PIN do I use to complete the transaction?
You use your bank card’s PIN code to complete the transaction.
Can I transact at any supermarket’s POS?
Swipe into EcoCash will be available at selected Merchants and Agents.
Will all Agents and Merchants be Swipe into EcoCash Agents?
A list of activated Agents and Merchants will be provided.
My bank is not linked to EcoCash, can I also Swipe into EcoCash?
Yes, if your bank card is ZimSwitch enabled, it will be possible to swipe to cash-in.
Can I Swipe into EcoCash if I do not have an Econet line or EcoCash account?
No, this service is limited to EcoCash customers with ZimSwitch bank cards only.
Can I Swipe into EcoCash outside the country?
No, this service is currently only available using Steward Bank POS devices.
What do I do if I do not get a notification?
You can call 114 and log your request with our EcoCash customer care team and they will track it for you.